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Improve your business in 2017!

Coming into the last few months of the year, you can either see a rise or a fall in momentum and energy.

If you’re finding yourself lacking motivation, something you could today is to take a look at what you’ve achieved this year, ask yourself where you think you could do better and where you need to increase your knowledge to see your results increase in 2017.

For example, you might really want to make 2017 the year you stand out in your market as the absolute go-to real estate professional (we have an article about this further in the newsletter to help you).

You might also want 2017 to be the year you master your time management, or dramatically increase your listing success rate. Maybe you think you could be managing your buyers and sellers at another level or creating a greater circle of influence - all key topics we work through together at TurningPoint, which is now open for registration.

Planning your year of learning in advance lets you rest easy, knowing your next 12 months of training is locked in the diary, that fresh ideas, strategies and tips are waiting for you and your business - results will increase dramatically once you start implementing them. There are two big Principal Leadership events: Principal BootCamp and The Business of Real Estate and for Agents; TurningPoint and SuperTeams.

For more information, see further below in the newsletter.

Enjoy your month - enjoy the newsletter, read the articles, listen to the audios and watch the video - and if you have any questions around any of RER's workshops or would like to know more about RER Network, feel free to call the team on 1300 273 785.

Yours in Results...

Michael Sheargold, CEO & Head Coach

Real Estate Results

News & Updates
How to Be a Real Estate Area Specialist
How to Be a Real Estate Area Specialist

Do you want to win more listings? Make sure you stand out as the specialist in your area by implementing these 4 steps.

Your Brand Needs to Identify What You Stand For
Your Brand Needs to Identify What You Stand For

Tune in to this interview with Kevin Turner on REUncut last week and see what exercises you can do to evaluate your Brand Position.

Listen Now >>
Ritz Carlton Service and FedEx Efficiency
Ritz Carlton Service and FedEx Efficiency

Another interview with Kevin Turner on REUncut last week discussing how you can create a better experience for your clients.

Listen Now >>

At RER, there is an event for everyone in the real estate industry, no matter what role you play. Our events focus on bringing out the best of every person. Here are some videos of what our events are like

Highlights from The Business of Real Estate '16
The Business of Real Estate '16

This new style of conference brings together leading and progressive Principals and Leaders in an intimate environment as they get together and share their best ideas.
Check out this year's highlights.

Upcoming Events & Programs
Principal BootCamp
Principal BootCamp | Melbourne
Monday, March 20th -
Tuesday, March 21st 2017

Principal BootCamp is an intensive workshop, designed to build your business blueprint and create an awesome real estate business. Two full days working ON your business, this workshop is for Principals serious about taking their agency to the next level of success. It's time to change your business mindset forever.

TurningPoint | Melbourne
Monday, May 8th -
Tuesday, May 9th 2017

TurningPoint is just that, a point where your career takes a massive turn towards outstanding results. It’s an intensive and focused two days set to empower you with the most effective real estate success strategies available. 

SuperTeams | Melbourne
Wednesday, May 10th 2017

This special program looks at how to massively grow your results by building SuperTeams; how to create SuperTeams, getting ready for growth, defining your Teams’ work style, the characteristics of a high performing Team and much more! 

The Business of Real Estate
The Business of Real Estate
Gold Coast

Monday, September 11th - 
Tuesday, September 12th 2017

This is a multi-speaker event with presentations from leading business minds within the Australasian real estate industry. The intensive program is designed to have Principals equipped with the best and most effective strategies to see you and your agency have an amazing year ahead.
Real Estate Results
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